Part 1: Size Guidelines

Q1. How to choose the right size?

A: Check out our Find Your Size page or contact us. Different products from different categories may carry different dimensional measurements. We recommend that you carefully review the size chart on each product page and refer to the detailed measurements to get the right size. Note: If you are not sure, please choose a larger size. Or if you have any questions about this product, we recommend that you contact our customer service team (support@broswear.com)

Q2. Are all items the correct size?

A: Some of our products are indeed slightly smaller, we have added the keyword "Skinny Version" to the title of such products, if you are not sure, please choose one size larger. If you have questions about these products, we recommend that you contact our customer service team (support@broswear.com). Always refer to the size chart on each product description page for recommended sizes.

Q3. Do you have a plus size?

A: Unfortunately, we do not currently offer plus sizes. As a fast growing new company, we are working hard to offer multiple size options in the near future. Please keep following us.

Part 2: Return and Exchange Information

Q1. How to return?

A: Please contact us within 14 days of receiving the item to initiate the return process. Clearance products do not support returns. (For example, a page or collection named "Clearance" or a product with "Clearance" in the title). If you would like to return or exchange an item, please email support@broswear.com

Q2. Should I pay for return shipping?

A: Yes, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. We kindly ask you to double check the size information and confirm all your order details before placing your order.

Q3. Can I return to the address on the received package?

A: Warm reminder: Any address on the package is not approved as a return address . Return packages should be authorized. Any returns not authorized by Customer Service will not be entertained.

Part 3: Coupons

Q1. How to get the discount code?

A: Subscribe to our newsletter and you can get a 7% discount coupon. If you register via this link: https://www.broswear.com/account/register Coupon codes up to 30% will be automatically sent to your email. PLEASE NOTE: Coupon codes are only valid for 15 days. 

Q2. How to use coupon code?

A: Enter the shopping cart page, click "Checkout"; then enter the coupon code; the last important step----click "Apply". So the coupon code is activated and the payment will be reduced by $xxx. 

Part 4: Shipping

Q1. Do I need to have an account to order?

A: No, you can also place an order as a guest. However, if you have an account with us, there are some benefits:

Q2. What are the benefits of registering an account?

  • Express Checkout Process
  • Easily view your order status and order history

  • Receive updates detailing our new releases and special promotions

Q3. How to set the delivery address?

A: Since our website and services are in English, all information you enter must be input in English, including punctuation. If some letters of your address contain non-English letters, we recommend that you use similar English letters instead. For example, you can change the letter "?" to "c".

Q4. Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?

A: Please note that your shipping address cannot be modified after the order has been processed or shipped. Please update your shipping address to your residential address, not your occupational address, as we do not know how long the customs department at the destination will hold the package.

Q5. How long will the shipping take and how can I track my package?

A: The delivery time depends on the shipping option you choose. After your order ships, we will email your tracking number and tracking website. If you have not received this email, please check your spam.
Please note that during peak times (such as Easter, Christmas or during special promotions) your order may take longer to ship. Please see our estimated delivery times and if your order is outside these time frames please contact us with your order number.
We are not responsible for delays caused by customs authorities in your country.

Part 5: Order

Q1. What if the item is missing from my order?

A: If something is still missing, please contact us immediately at support@broswear.com.

Q2. Sold out? What if the item I'm interested in no longer fits my size?

A: New products will be sold out soon, but we may have more soon! Please contact our customer service department via email and we will do our best to notify you if the item becomes available again. Please include the best email address to contact you when items are available.

Q3. What if the size on the label is different from what I ordered?

A: The size shown on the website will be converted to international size before the product is put on the shelf, which is standard and regular. So don't panic and worry if you find you're getting a different size than what's shown on the website. The size we sent you is correct. Put them on first and see how it turns out. If they don't work for you, you can definitely return them. (Please see our Return Policy)

Q4. Why is the color of the clothes I received a little different from what I saw online?

A: The angle of view of the camera and the level of lighting may cause a little chromatic aberration. Hope you can understand. We want you to keep your clothes as long as it doesn't affect the look and mood of your favorite clothes. We will give you a promo code as compensation for future purchases. However, we will do our best to avoid this from happening.

Q5. Is there a store address?

A: We just do business online.

Q6. Why was my order cancelled?

A: Due to unforeseen events, the item you ordered is suddenly out of stock and is no longer available. We guarantee these cases are rare. However, if an item in your order is truly unavailable, we will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to cancel the order. If your order contains other items, those items will still be shipped to you, and the unavailable items will be removed from your order for a refund.

Q7. I need to change something on my order, what should I do?

A: If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us immediately. We process and ship orders quickly (we are fast!). We cannot make any changes once the package has been processed and sent to the post office.

Q8. Can I get more information about the product?

A: We publish as much useful information as possible about all of our products to help you buy what's best for you. The product page for each item includes dimensions, detailed descriptions, care instructions, and most importantly, plenty of pictures. If you think we need to provide any further information to assist you, please let us know what you would like to see and we will do our best to include it.

Q9. Which catalogs can I buy from?

A: With so many new arrivals every week, hundreds of items on the website at any time, plus ever-changing fashion news, trending features, and advice, it’s impossible for a paper catalog to keep up. Instead, we prefer to focus our efforts on providing our customers with a website where you can buy what you want 24/7, and we believe pictures and fashion shows can give you a more authentic look Commodities you want.

Part 6: Payment

Q1. How do I pay for my order?

A: We would like to provide you with multiple payment methods: We accept VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal as our secure payment methods, and accept various credit or debit cards. We do also take security very seriously, so your details are safe with us. All credit and debit card holders must be verified and authorized by us and the card issuer to maintain security and prevent fraud.

Q2. Is it safe to use my credit card on the website?

A: When purchasing online with a credit card, all of your information is entered into an SSL secure web page. Your information is then SSL encrypted and sent directly to our credit card provider's network where your cards and transactions are authorized and approved. Your credit card information is not stored on our servers.

Q3. Is there an exchange rate?

A: All our transactions are based on USD. If your credit card is denominated in another currency, your order total will be calculated based on the daily exchange rate on the day your card issuer processes the transaction.

Q4. How do I pay with PayPal Pay in 4?

A:PayPal Pay in 4 is a digital BNPL product, do not charge any other fees,available everywhere online you can pay with PayPal.

If you have a PayPal account in good standing, you can then select the Pay in 4 option from your wallet at checkout. If you need learn more, you can click here.

Part 7: Taxes

Q1. Why charge taxes?

A: According to the requirements of customs law, all goods imported into EU countries and the United Kingdom are subject to 10%-20% tax.

Q2. How are taxes calculated?

A: Taxes are calculated on the gross merchandise value after any discounts are deducted. You only pay 10% (UK and EU) and BrosWear pays the rest. The tax charged on your order will be displayed during the checkout stage once you have confirmed your shipping details.

Q3. Can I get a tax refund?

A: If you have contacted our customer service and communicated the return/refund, the corresponding sales tax will also be refunded to your original payment method account.

If you still have any questions, please contact us directly via email support@broswear.com.