Bonus Points and Earn Coupons

Earning Discount Coupons(No minimum consumption)

How to get discount coupons?

1. When you view any of our product details page, there will be a social media sharing button at the bottom of the add purchase button. You can click then share on Facebook, Twitter or Pin it and get 10 "likes" within 24 hours. Take a screenshot and send it to [email protected] (the email title is: Social Media Sharing Coupon). Once our staff has checked and confirmed, you will receive a $15 Off coupon code.

2. Make suggestions
You can send us your suggestions by email ([email protected]), Once your suggestions are accepted,you will get $20 OFF coupon(no minimum consumption)
3. Review our products
Points can be earned by posting comments and reviews on purchased items. If it meets the minumum requirement of product comments text , you will get points.
Post a comment(Not less than 20 words) Post a comment with pictures Post a comment with size information
$5 $10 $15

Log into your BrosWear account

Click on "My Orders"

Go to the order containing the item you want to review

Then click "Write a Review" and upload a comment or a photo as you like

Submit your reviews for verification

Then send a screenshot of the review you wrote to email [email protected]


1.Your review will appear on product page after it has been verified by our staff.
2.Please note that you can get a maximum of $15 coupon through making comments every day.

Rewards Points

What's the points?

Points are a kind of virtual currency on the BrosWear website. You can choose to use and deduct part of the payment amount when placing an order.

How to earn points?

Vip rewards points can be obtained through shopping, registration, and sharing invitation.

  1. Buy and Earn(paid successfully only): 1$=1points. Points will be credited to your account once you confirm delivery of your order.
  2. Registration: New user registration can get 10 points.
  3. Sharing invitation: share invitation through pinerest, twitter, facebook at the same time to get rewards points.
  • ①Facebook: 10 points;
  • ②Pinterest: 8 points;
  • ③Twitter: 5 Pionts.
  1. Inviter get a discount coupon 20% and the invitee can get a discount coupon 15% which can be used for platform consumption.

You can use the points to deduct the total amount of products when you place your order (only the total price of products is supported, excluding shipping, insurance).

5. Points are valid for 3 months, if your points expired before being used, they will be deleted from your account.

How to use points?

The platform will set up a point redemption module, users can enter to redeem, the redemption rules:

  1. 30 points can be exchanged for $3 (no minimum consumption)
  2. 80 points can be exchanged for $8 (no minimum consumption)
  3. 300 points can get $30 (no minimum consumption)

How to check  points balance, Earn points and Redeem?

Here are the steps for Checking points balance, Earning points,Redeem.Please check and do it to save more money.

  1. Please log into your BrosWear account and click on icon to view the balance. (After entering the website, there is a diamond-like icon in the lower left corner, please click it ). As the picture shows
  2. Click “History”then check balance
  3. Earn Points : you can click “Share”, and then share on your twitter, Facebook, Pinterest account at the meanwhile. Finally different points will be sent to your account, and you will receive an email notification.
  4. Redeem: we can spend our points from this page, Please see the description of the redemption rules in the picture. 


If a refund is requested, rewards points will not be returned! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service(Email: <[email protected]>)

 BrosWear reserves all rights to judgment in the event of disputes under the VIP membership rules.

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