Types of Different Fabrics T-shirts

When it comes to buying T-shirts, there are several factors that we need to consider. The T-shirt fabric is one of them because each fabric has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, the fact is that every fabric and stuff is better than another, so we can not chase a race in it. The point is that we should know which we can comfortably wear and which we shouldn’t choose.

It is also important to know that the type of T-shirt fabric is significant to know for manufacturers as they had to do designing and printing on it.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, this article will show you the differences, advantages and disadvantages of different T-shirt fabrics that you should choose and avoid also.

Let’s get started!

Cotton T-Shirt Fabric

Cotton is a very common fabric material which is widely used in T-shirts, shirts, and in other clothing as well.

But, the fact is there are several types of cottons that can be used for the production of T-shirts.

Let’s have a look at them!


Combed Cotton  

The first type of cotton is combed cotton which comes in use when short strands are eliminated and they are fined by straightening the fibre. This process makes the fabric smoother, softer, and durable.

However, if you want to print a favourite design on a T-shirt, then choose a combed cotton fabric.


Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is more expensive than combed cotton as well as smoother and more comfortable. The only reason for its high price is that it does not include any pesticides and fertilizers in the production procedure.

Those manufacturers who use organic cotton in their T-shirts ensure the comfort of their customers and long-lasting durability.

However, if you wish to buy these organic cotton T-shirts online, then broswear is a reliable source of it.


Pima Cotton

If you are looking for a really expensive T-shirt fabric that only money can buy, then Pima cotton is a perfect fit for it.

It is known as the highest quality of cotton in the world because the fibres it maintains are durable and extendable.

Moreover, the texture and smoothness is quite impressive. This specific type of cotton is widely grown in the US.

On the other hand, there is another type of cotton which is unique and not all manufacturers use that except the world renowned brands like Gucci, Levis, and CK. it is known as slub cotton

Sounds Great! What Are The Benefits Of Cotton T-Shirts?

There are several benefits of cotton T-shirts!

First of all, they are made of natural material which can be recycled. Secondly, it is a breathable material that does not make you feel like your body is in a war suit.

However, the smooth texture is extremely soft and does not cause any rashes or allergy on your skin.

Moreover, it does not require any chemical process so that you don’t have to fear getting any toxics on your skin.


If you wear T-shirts most of the time, you may know that linen stuff is also a common fabric widely used in the manufacturing of T-shirts.

This fabric comes from flax plants that have a weave texture. In the summer season, T-shirts are made with linen because they are lightweight and have breathable stuff that allows air circulation.

Another interesting fact about linen fabric is that it dries quickly and wrinkle easily.


Another common fabric used in T-shirt manufacturing is polyester. This material is also used in seat covers, chair covers, pants, and other fabrics as well.

The best thing about polyester is that it is durable and washable. Moreover, it is affordable and has efficient flexibility. The only drawback of this fabric type is that it does not have enough breathability compared to linen.

Rayon & Lycra

Rayon is used in athletic--wears and sports clothing.

It is a convenient and reliable alternative to silk. This fabric type is extracted from trees, cotton and plants.

On the other hand, this fabric type dyes well and has absorbing properties.

Spandex is a synthetic fiber that is added to other t-shirt materials as an additive and is also known as Lycra.

T-shirts with this material stretch more, and it's used in athletic clothing more than anything else because of how easy it is to move.


Tri-Blend T-Shirts

The T-shirts that are made of tri-blend fabric have cotton, polyester, and rayon as well.

The rayon fabric type in this tri-blend mixture is used to give a smooth and silky feeling as it is a cost-efficient alternative of using silk.

Moreover, it is an organic material which is extracted from plants, trees, and cotton.

What Material You Should Choose, Natural Or Artificial?


If you are manufacturing or printing T-shirts, or want to start the T-shirt business, you might be thinking what material you should choose?

It depends on the cost and budget and the quality you want to give to your customers!

It will be easier to gauge the quality of a t-shirt if you know how it is made.

If the construction is poor, it doesn't matter how good the materials are.

When you are buying a t shirt, you can run the following tests to test the durability of the fabric:

The first step is to merely touch the fabric of the T-shirt because it will tell you how it feels. It should be soft and does not feel rough. If the material is soft and durable, then it is made of high quality.

Take any side of the shirt and crush it gently. If the wrinkles are still there, then the quality is not good.

It would be great if you could check the stitching of the T-shirt. This is the main thing that every retailer and buyer checks. If there are any lost threads in the shirt, then the stitching is not good.

FInal Summary

There are several types of fabrics that are widely used in the manufacturing of T-shirts.

Each type has different pros and cons as well as the pricing. As a seller, it depends whether you want to give high quality to your customers or not.

However, if you plan to print T-shirts and showcase new ideas, use polyester material as it is rigid and comfortable to wear.

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