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There are too many basics related to clothing fabrics and the process is tedious. I hope that we have a basic concept of the ground fabric, in life to be able to distinguish between good and bad and what is suitable for their own. It does not matter if you do not understand the collection, I believe that in the future you will certainly use it.

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Modern clothing fabrics, new products are emerging, the process is changing day by day. But everything changes, we just need to master some basic knowledge about fabrics, they can quickly distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of clothing, read whether to meet the needs of use. Garment fabrics are fibers processed through the processes of spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, etc. Today we will start from the source together to see some basic knowledge about garment fibers.

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Fabric material classification
Fabric actually has more than one meaning, according to the material of the fabric is called textile fiber.
Although there are many varieties of textile fibers, they can be basically divided into two categories

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What is fiber? It is slender, soft, length much greater than the cross-sectional area of the fiber material is collectively referred to as fiber. General fiber is divided into two categories, one is artificial fiber, the other is artificial fiber, the following will tell you more common in life, and our lives are closely related!

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Plant fiber: the fiber obtained from the culms, roots, fruits and shells of plants.

  • Cotton: common cotton, kapok, single-cell fiber obtained from plant seeds. Advantages are skin-friendly and soft, moisture absorption and breathability, good warmth. Disadvantages are easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, easy to shrink.
  • Hemp: common flax, ramie, etc., is the bast fiber obtained from plant stalks. Advantages are natural luster, good color fastness, UV resistance, own mold resistance, wear a very cool feeling, sweat does not stick to the body. The disadvantage is that the feel is rougher, wearing comfort is worse than cotton, easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle.

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Animal fiber: fiber obtained from the hair or secretions of animals, the main component is protein.

  • Silk: common mulberry silk, sericulture silk, is a long continuous fiber from the cocoon of mature silkworms secreted silk liquid solidification. Silk is also the longest natural fiber, with a length of more than 10 meters. The advantages are good luster, soft and smooth, good moisture absorption, and a certain nourishing effect on the skin. Disadvantages are poor fastness, easy to hook yarn easy to rot, easy to generate static electricity, antibacterial and insect resistance is poor, difficult to care.
  • Wool: common wool, rabbit hair, camel hair, yak velvet, etc., is the fiber obtained from animal hair. Advantages are good warmth, good elasticity, good moisture absorption, anti-static. The disadvantages are poor antibacterial and insect resistance, easy to yellowing, easy to pilling and shrinkage, more difficult to take care of.

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artificial fiber, through a series of modern artificial chemical technology synthesis of fibers!

  • Polyester: also known as polyester fiber. Is the current synthetic fiber of the first variety, is made of organic dibasic acid and diol condensation of polyester by spinning synthetic fibers. Advantages are anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, good wrinkle resistance, solid and durable, high strength, good light resistance. Disadvantages are poor moisture absorption and breathability, easy to pilling, difficult to dye.
  • Nylon: also known as nylon, polyamide fiber. Is the world's first synthetic fiber appeared, nylon is a polyamide fiber (nylon) a way of saying. Advantages are anti-mildew and anti-bacterial, good abrasion resistance, light weight, good elasticity and resilience, sunlight resistance. Disadvantages are poor moisture absorption, easy wrinkling, and poor heat resistance.
  • Acrylic: Also known as polyacrylonitrile. Performance is very similar to wool, elasticity is good, elongation 20% of the resilience can still maintain 65%, fluffy curl and soft, warmth than wool, 15% higher than the synthetic wool called! The advantages are good elasticity, good warmth, and high strength. The disadvantages are poor moisture absorption, poor heat resistance, and lack of alkali resistance.

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In the twenty-first century, the rapid development of science and technology, clothing fabrics are not limited to cotton, linen, silk, etc., more and more new textile materials appear in front of consumers. New materials, new technologies continue to emerge for the development of new clothing fabrics to provide the prerequisites. With waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-body fluid, breathable and moisture permeable, anti-bacterial and other functions. Simply put, it is at the level of fabric to solve the multiple functional needs of customers these fabrics are mostly used in outdoor clothing, mother and child clothing, home textiles and other fabric fields.

One kind is the clothing made of outdoor sports functional fabrics, such fabrics are mainly used in mountaineering clothes, ski clothes, and assault jackets, with rugged style and stiff handfeel, which have very high requirements for product performance, suitable for exploration and use in harsh environment, and have a protective effect on people. Another is the outdoor leisure functional fabrics made of clothing, the definition of which is to go out of the home is outdoor activities, such fabrics are mainly casual fashion, pay attention to fine workmanship, feel soft, comfortable to wear, suitable for travel, field activities and so on.

Moisture-wicking and quick-drying fabrics
Wearing this fabric clothing is very comfortable, completely do not feel the discomfort brought to us by sweat during sports, this fabric can make the body sweat faster to the surface of clothing
Moisture wicking fabric function is through the fabric structure design or fiber modification, change the fabric to moisture absorption, movement, perspiration and other properties, and at the same time can have water absorption and fast dryness. Wicking fiber is the use of fiber surface micro grooves produced by the capillary phenomenon so that sweat through the core absorption, diffusion, transmission and other effects, rapid migration to the surface of the fabric and dispersion, so that it can quickly evaporate, so as to maintain the human skin dry feeling. At the same time, it will not collapse like sheep fiber when it is wet, and it can always maintain a comfortable microclimate state between fabric and skin, so as to improve comfort.

Anti-fouling functional fabric
It has the performance of oil repellency, water repellency and moisture permeability. That is, the surface performance of the fabric is changed so that the surface hydrophilic becomes hydrophobic and water droplets can roll on the fabric but cannot be wetted. Water repellency refers to the prevention of water droplets from the outside of the fabric into the interior, while moisture permeability refers exclusively to sweat and moisture from the inside of the fabric through the fabric to the outside. Can also sweat, breathable, comfortable to wear, in the process of wearing so that water under a certain pressure does not soak through the fabric, while the body emits sweat and so on can be in the form of water vapor through the fabric or conduct to the outside world, and not in the body surface between the fabric condensation accumulation, keep wearing dry, warm. Fabric feel soft, environmental health, not easy to change color, breathable and impermeable to moisture, in addition, its strength fastness, color style, etc. almost maintain the same with the original fabric, comfortable to wear.

The knowledge of these clothing fabrics will help you easily choose what fabric is most suitable for you. If you are still thinking about the style of wear? Please don't worry, we are a men's clothing online store, more men's clothing please click BrosWear

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